DIA-48464: The predicate buffer reached the maximum length [string]
Cause: The predicate buffer is too small
Action: Report to Oracle
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ORA-16409Archive log switchover reference number mismatch
ORA-16723setting AlternateLocation property conflicts with the redo transport setting
EXP-00048Cannot export SYSAUX Tablespace for Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace
ORA-01649operation not allowed with a backup control file
ORA-54524inner ring cannot be inside another inner ring of same outer ring
ORA-32025string.string is not a table or view object.
IMP-00052Warning: Unable to set event for freelist communication with server
ORA-31116Tablespace not specified correctly
ORA-12473The procedure is disabled when Label Security is used with OID.
RMAN-08530piece handle=string tag=string comment=string
PGU-41068unable to open the input definition file
ORA-02060select for update specified a join of distributed tables
ORA-12166TNS:Client can not connect to HO agent.
ORA-54537incorrect box surface due to wrong orientation
ORA-30500database open triggers and server error triggers cannot have BEFORE type
TNS-00513Destination host unreachable
NNL-00935Requests refused, SINGLE-VALUE violation: number
TNS-00109Message could not be printed; not enough memory
ORA-16815incorrect redo transport setting for AlternateLocation for standby database "string"
NNL-01063Statistic counters next reset in: string

TOP 20 Oracle errors
ORA-12504TNS:listener was not given the SERVICE_NAME in CONNECT_DATA
RMAN-20079full resync from primary database is not done
ORA-14411The DDL cannot be run concurrently with other DDLs
ORA-14760ADD PARTITION is not permitted on Interval partitioned objects
ORA-10877error signaled in parallel recovery slave string
ORA-32701Hang detected
ORA-00838Specified value of MEMORY_TARGET is too small, needs to be at least stringM
ORA-16957SQL Analyze time limit interrupt
ORA-16664unable to receive the result from a database
ORA-16766Redo Apply is stopped
RMAN-08132WARNING: cannot update recovery area reclaimable file list
ORA-00000normal, successful completion
ORA-16665timeout waiting for the result from a database
ORA-00837Specified value of MEMORY_TARGET greater than MEMORY_MAX_TARGET
RMAN-08137WARNING: archived log not deleted as it is still needed
DIA-48122error with opening the ADR block file [string] [string]
ORA-47988password should contain at least one numeric and one alphabetic character
IMP-00057Warning: Dump file may not contain data of all partitions of this table
ORA-55508Invalid input to Flashback Transaction Backout
ORA-00001unique constraint (string.string) violated

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DIA-48464The predicate buffer reached the maximum length [string]