RMAN-05008: SET NEWNAME TO NEW not allowed (datafile string)
Cause: SET NEWNAME ... TO NEW is not allowed with Tablespace Point-in-Time Recovery.
Action: Set the new name to a specific file name and retry.
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PGU-41105memory exhausted
ORA-19238XPTY0018 - It is a type error if the result of the last step in a path expression contains both nodes and atomic values
ORA-16161Cannot mix standby and online redo log file members for group string
RMAN-06160no backup pieces found for backup set key: number
ORA-32340cannot tune the materialized view definition
ORA-01329unable to truncate required build table
ORA-30379query txt not specified
ORA-39806The attempt to lock string parent table string string string failed.
PGU-00145invalid object name for DESCRIBE
OCI-04061existing state of string has been invalidated
TNS-02505Authentication: null context pointer provided
OCI-19212no key columns specified before call to DBMS_XMLSTORE.updateXML()
ORA-39143dump file "string" may be an original export dump file
RMAN-20246new db_unique_name is already known to the recovery catalog
ORA-19584file string already in use
ORA-14297Index block size mismatch in ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE [SUB]PARTITION
ORA-02242no options specified for ALTER INDEX
ORA-14131enabled UNIQUE constraint exists on one of the tables
ORA-31100XDB Locking Internal Error
ORA-30968invalid XPATH or NAMESPACE option for XML Index

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ORA-12504TNS:listener was not given the SERVICE_NAME in CONNECT_DATA
RMAN-20079full resync from primary database is not done
ORA-14411The DDL cannot be run concurrently with other DDLs
ORA-14760ADD PARTITION is not permitted on Interval partitioned objects
ORA-32701Hang detected
ORA-10877error signaled in parallel recovery slave string
ORA-00838Specified value of MEMORY_TARGET is too small, needs to be at least stringM
ORA-16957SQL Analyze time limit interrupt
ORA-16766Redo Apply is stopped
ORA-16664unable to receive the result from a database
RMAN-08137WARNING: archived log not deleted as it is still needed
ORA-00837Specified value of MEMORY_TARGET greater than MEMORY_MAX_TARGET
ORA-00000normal, successful completion
RMAN-08132WARNING: cannot update recovery area reclaimable file list
ORA-47988password should contain at least one numeric and one alphabetic character
DIA-48122error with opening the ADR block file [string] [string]
IMP-00057Warning: Dump file may not contain data of all partitions of this table
ORA-16665timeout waiting for the result from a database
ORA-55508Invalid input to Flashback Transaction Backout
ORA-00001unique constraint (string.string) violated

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RMAN-05008SET NEWNAME TO NEW not allowed (datafile string)